Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Apotheosis of Assholes

Culturally, where did we go wrong?

For much of our national history, we venerated men and women who represented civic virtues of honesty, fair play, modesty, and thrift. When we got past the Gilded Age (or maybe the Depression) we tended to shy away from too blatant displays of wealth and power. We paid lip service to the notion that all of us are created equal. 

Nowadays, that has changed. Some markers of that social degradation include the usual suspect politicians. Yes, I'm looking at you, DJT. But also Bill Clinton, various radio personalities, and so forth. As a matter of fact, the leadership of both political parties.

This tendency has crept into general discourse as well. Sports has become another area of contention. Some of that may be traced to sports talk radio. Fancy a three-hour radio program where idlers can call in with unlimited opportunities to blow off steam and to bloviate! And there's other forms of Talk Radio. Since when should people be provided a forum to blow off without consequence or even rebuttal? 

Even restauranteurs get into the act. Recently, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was denied service at a Virginia establishment because the owner (ostensibly) didn't like her politics or employer or because running her off provided the owner with a golden opportunity to seek attention. (Take your pick,)


  1. I think DJT is taking us down the rabbit hole so fast we will be lucky to survive one term of his. Before he's done only white male landholders will be able to vote.

  2. Had to look up bloviate. Wouldn't mind watching her frolic on the beach in any case.

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