Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Impeach the Governor?

Well, there's a legislator from north Alabama that offered a bill to initiate proceedings to impeach Governor Bentley. Is this just tit for tat; or somehow does he interpret what the Governor may or may not have done as "moral turpitude?" Moral turpitude is not completely agreed upon as a concept; also standards of misconduct change with time.

I tend to prefer a 'live and let live' approach to things; and I wonder if some legislators are just going to spend a lot of the state's scarce money on what seems more like a personal vendetta.

After all, when the legislature is session, there's not a shortage of working girls! Holy hypocrisy, citizens!

But ultimately I see this as costly political grandstanding.

Sexy governor . . . . 

The Salty Nut Brewery in Huntsville will release an unimpeachable pale ale:

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Possibly Guns on Campus

A bill before the House that would allow for the carrying of concealed weapons on college campuses is being considered; and should come to a vote then.  The colleges and universities are very much opposed to this; but there are a few legislators that are trying to gain cheap publicity. This is a stupid idea; and I hope that good sense would prevail in our legislators.

God knows, they're not known lately for their good government or mature legislation,

Details from "The Effects of Good Government on the Countryside"

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cute Chilean Reporter Has a Mishap

You have to admire this Chilean reporter who handled a bikini mishap with considerable aplomb. Good going, Senorita!