Sunday, February 15, 2015

Just Some Stray News

The long, tiresome futile attempt by Judge Roy Moore to block gay marriages in Alabama is coming to an end.  Right now 47 of 67 counties issue marriage licenses to both straight and gay couples. There are some holdouts in the boondocks, but the populous centers are going along.  (Cullman County is the closest county to us.)  There are three counties where no data is available; one of them, Houston County, is primarily noted for its humongous condom factory.  

(The factory is humongous; not the condoms.  This might be of interest to some.) 

Oregon Governor Fitzhaber finally resigned after some scandal.  The Democrats wanted him out of office because he was an embarrassment with his silly beard and haircut.  The Secretary State becomes acting Governor now.  Apparently, they have no Lieutenant Governor.  Is that a money-savings initiative, or what?    It's not like our Lt. Gov. does much other than preside over the State Senate. 

 In Washington State, it's illegal to shoot Bigfoot.  So if you see a big monkey, ask to see his feet first.  

Sex can only be done in the missionary position in North Carolina; and it's illegal to have sex in graveyards.  They're taking no chance on waking up the dead.  Our Cajun princess should make up a tale about this.  

Ruth Bader Ginsburg slept asleep during the hour-long State of the Union address because she "was tipsy" with wine.  I don't need that excuse.  She has to endure the logorrhea of the other justices.  Wine is a blessing for long speeches.  

New Jersey is still corrupt and douchy.  Plus they have Snooki.  

It is illegal to sleep in the nude in Minnesota.  Is that a problem there?  

I read that you have to get a permit to shave in Missouri.  Mike, take note.

Apparently, Fifty Shades of Gray is taking the South by storm.  This is the biggest perversion there since General Sherman wore a microskirt!

The Yellowhammer is the state bird of Alabama.  Not that parvenu yellow bird from New Zealand.  This one, which outsiders caller the Flicker:

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Baptist Minister to Perform First Same-Sex Wedding in Huntsville

While the continuing saga of Judge Roy Moore is still being played, probably to no avail other than a vote-getting strategy, same-sex weddings are taking place in a number of localities. This compassionate minister, and others, has offered to marry interested same-sex couples who may not have been able to be married by a probate judge or by their own ministers.

She's pretty cool. And there's a lengthy message from her in the article.

Friday, February 6, 2015

An Alabama Urban Legend or Internet Hoax

This picture below was circulated recently with the caption that this was proof that segregation was still in force.  Allegedly, this boy was ostracized because of his religion.

But, whoa, people!  Notice the jersey the boy is wearing.  And the location of the school.  By the way, the school is nonexistent.

This picture was more of a satirical comment on how obsessive people are in Alabama about football.

And I must say that there's a lot of people in Tuscaloosa County with bad taste.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

What Many People Get Wrong About Science

Getting children the necessary vaccinations and immunizations seems to be a no-brainer to me; the disturbing outbreak of measles in California and the fact that a number of supposedly educated people are refusing to get the inoculations is weird enough.  What is unfathomable, moreover, is the fact that in that quintessential nanny state, California, allows them to do so.  It would seem that public health would be an overriding interest that would override those dumbasses' right to be parental in their own way.  And the stronghold of the antivaxx movement happens to be in those nominally liberal areas of that state.  What gives?  A recent article  indicated that there is a big gap between scientists and the general public on certain issues:

1.  Climate change

2.  Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

3.  Evolution

4.  Gluten

5.  Vaccinations

6.  Using animals in research

7.  Safety in using pesticides

8.  The dangers of overpopulation

9.  Homeopathy is good science

It's the same on both sides of the political spectrum, though perhaps each side has their own views on specific topics.

Here is what seems to be the overwhelming scientific consensus on these topics:

1.  The data indicate that climate change affected in part by man-made causes is taking place.  The world is getting incrementally warmer, and the polar ice caps are melting.

2.  GMOs are safe.  

3.  Evolution of species through natural selection has taken place; and continues to take place.  By the way, man did not descend from apes; man and present-day apes descended from a common ancestor.

4.  There's no reason for most of us to be concerned about gluten.

5.  Vaccinations are a safe and effective way of minimizing the risks of a number of diseases.  Contrarily, failing to vaccinate is really risky.

6.  The use of animals in research is necessary to really test drugs and other substances.  There is no real substitute.

7.  Pesticides, if properly used, are safe.

8.  There is a real danger due to overpopulation.

9.  Actually, there's no established scientific validation of homeopathy, naturopathy, or other quaint beliefs.  Using homeopathic "medicines" has no other result besides expensive urine. 

The problem is very likely due to most citizens having gotten a second-rate education in science.  And, because of that, they are distrustful of real science.