Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Graffiti for Model Railroaders

A fairly rare hobby that, for reasons of space, is not often pursued is model railroading.  Some hobbyists try for high degrees of realism with their transits. As astonishing as it may seem, they can even get graffiti decals to tag their boxcars or other rolling stock.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Badly-Behaving Virginians

Politics can be dirty at times; but it's rare that state politics results in a trifecta of dubiousness. However, this was our lot in Alabama a few years ago; and this is currently taking place in Virginia.

Obviously, I'm referring to Virginia's dilemma in having the top three elected officials with considerably enough baggage so as to call for their resignation with all deliberate speed. Apparently Governor Northam posed in a racist picture some 35 years ago when he was in medical school. And the current Lieutenant Governor Fairfax is accused of sexual assault. And now the Attorney General admits having played Michael Jackson in blackface some years ago. [Did he sing, "I'm bad?"]

Kind of makes New York Congressman Anthony Weiner's sexually explicit presentation look like the Lone Ranger by comparison. (Did he display his congressional weiner?) And assorted Southern and Midwestern governors will manage to say, do, or propose stupid things. 

And there is a congressperson claiming Native American ancestry lately. At least she didn't claim she was Shitting Bull!

Anyway, you should get the idea that there's a lot of dubiousness going around.

It's best to make a clean breast of things beforehand, and declare the mea culpas early to avoid future embarrassment.

According, ol' Elvis is going to make a clean breast of things.

First off: I was born in Ohio. But my parents made up for that lapse by moving to Alabama when I was a tween.

Second, I went to Auburn. Okay, this may not set well with some people; but I danced with a University of Alabama girl and she put her bra on my head during the dance. Does that give me some redemption? 

Third, I'm an engineer. But still can't drive a choo-choo.

Fourth, I voted for Hillary reluctantly. Very reluctantly.

However, a mitigating circumstance is that despite my Ohioan origins, I do not like the song, "Hang on Sloopy."

I freely admit having gone to The Mistake by the Lake several times.

Returning to Virginia's dilemma with three elected officials lapses; maybe they should issue all public officials three fuckup chits to be redeemed to obtain forgiveness for lesser lapses of judgments. Or maybe boot them all out, and start from scratch.  Certainly sexual assault is not something that should taken lightly.

Some people think that the French had a great idea in 1789.  However, extremism can elicit bounce back in the form of a Thermidorean Reaction.

Rule of thumb: Whether Democrat or Republican, you can always tell when a politician is lying: His lips are moving.