Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Opponent-Process Theory of Politics

I wonder if we in Alabama have stumbled over a major political truth: both major political parties need periodic corrections to re-engage them toward the middle. Neither seeks a middle ground by itself; both are in response to whatever the other one lays out.

And third parties historically have been a crap shoot. They don't have the numbers or resources to make any headway.

Both parties have a tendency to go too far if left on their own; the other party provides something of a corrective against either's extreme. At least, that's the theory. However, it failed in 1972 (before Elvis's Era), and 2004, when both parties managed to come up with doofuses. On the other hand, 2008 was a good year. Halleluia!

I call this the opponent-process theory of politics, because the two parties, when they lay out their stances, do so as a countermeasure to the other party's position in an attempt to seem rational by comparison.

On the other hand, we could wind up with Donald the Trumpster and Nancy Fucking Pelosi running for president! If that's the case, then I'll spend Election Day hiding in a dumpster.

No, we'll just bag it and head down to Gulf Shores! There's just something about the drive downstate that makes things right.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Jerk as a President?

There's a certain amount of speculation as to the qualifications the current and past Presidential officeholders for their position. Usually, this centers around questions of ability or sanity. For example, undoubtedly Andrew Johnson was not the sharpest knife in the drawer; and Richard Nixon must have been a mean s.o.b. Insanity: I don't readily know an example. 

But there have been a profusion of jerks that have held that office. 

Yes! No psychiatric diagnosis needed. Just the sense that the officeholder in question is an asshole.  L.B.J., take a bow!

Look to examples among the governors of the various states. Yep, there were jerks aplenty among them. To use one close to home: Wallace. Or that clown from Illinois.

I may not know much about psychiatry; but I know a jerk when I see one. A jerk that doesn't know enough to control his tongue. Referring to several countries as 'shitholes' is not a way to make friends or conduct diplomacy, even with countries like Dorkistan.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Postmortem on the 2016 Presidential Election

It's been over a year sine the 2016 election; and a lot of polluted water has passed under the bridge since. Frankly, I was surprised at Donald Trump winning it; but I should not have been.

Retrospectively, it almost seems that both major political parties were striving mightily to lose that election! Let's face it: the Republicans had too many candidates! And some of them were highly dubious; like Ted Cruz. Others were boring, like Jeb Bush. Still others did not fit onto the national stage well, like Bobby Jindal. The Republicans, in a strong effort to lose, managed to come up with a candidate with no elected experience at all! And one who claimed to grope women, at that! This candidate

Surely, the Democrats should have walked away with it . . . .

Well, they nominated Hillary Clinton, not the most inspiring candidate; but one with a few negatives, like Benghazi and her association with her husband Bill. And there was the issue of the superdelegates. This led to an in-party revolt by the Bernie Sanders fans.

The fact that so many got behind Bernie should have told them something or other.

But the Democrats were just as much a slave to their party's history and liabilities as the Republicans were. They're in a bind: they want to go as liberal as can be; but in doing so they may put off some people.

But maybe using Tim Kaine as a base candidate, and advocating a middle-of-the-road approach, they may get it all. 

Sorry. Nancy Pelosi should go. She's a liability. As a matter of fact, no one from California or the rest of the left coast. Someone from the South . . . . maybe Doug Jones even as V.P.  Or Elizabeth Warren. The big deal is o pick up a few extra electoral votes while keeping the sure bet states in the fold.

And downplay any connections with Wall Street.

As for the Republicans? Well, they got a lot of possibilities. But none of them very good or interesting. Ted Cruz and Mario Rubio need to sit the next one out. And Bobby Jindal is a joke. 

Here's a name that could go somewhere: Nikki Haley. She would definitely give the Republicans a new look. 

But keep the Wall Street support under wraps. For both parties, that's toxic and will continue to be.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

We Need Gary Larson!

Our time has gotten too serious. Even television humor-oriented programs tend too much toward depressing politics and world affairs. 

And, let's face it: 2017 has been a rough year for Alabama. 


What we need is some old-fashioned twisted humor to get us through. 

Although Gary Larson has not produced The Far Side for 23 years now, his cartoons are still as fresh and funny as back then. Here's homage to The Far Side from al.com. And some cartoons: