Sunday, August 13, 2017

Tuesday's Special Senate Election

Tuesday's special election to fill in the seat vacated by the state's official Keebler elf, Jeff Session, presents some of the usual suspects and possible surprises. 

Well, there's Big Luther Strange, tainted by being named to the seat by The Luv Guv Robert Bentley, himself. There's Mo Brooks, of Tea Party-like appeal, and there's that disgusting Roy Moore. What a line up! 

And there are some unsung Democrats who might have a chance if Roy Moore gets the Republican nod in their primary. What a future is in store for the poor U.S. Senate!

And politics old-style is still going on. Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell, not bosom buddies to be sure, both endorsed Big Luther. While Trump won Alabama last November, Alabama voters typically don't take kindly to outsiders, including from NYC or Kentucky, telling them how to vote or what to do. 

Roy Moore will get the Fundie vote. Though God knows. Or some ignoramous preachers.

And there's those attack ads by Luther Strange implying that Mo Brooks is in cahoots with that odious Nancy Pelosi. What a scream! Pelosi couldn't sell ten dollar bills at a 50% discount in AL.  Still, some people might believe it.

Anyway, this is going to be really ugly, however it turns out. Even the national papers are following it.

The bottom line is that Alabama is in the twilight zone when politics are destabilized. At least the Governorship seems to be on an even keel and football season is soon to start.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

An Incident at Gulf Shores

A Michigan guy named Matt went with his buddies to Gulf Shores to check out those Alabama women and party. Mostly with beer. So they purchased a cooler and a bunch of cases of beer and went down to the shore.

Well, our Wolverine had a few; and incautiously mixed some rye with the beer, making Michigan-style boilermakers. He felt full of Dutch courage, so he approached a pretty brunette.

To emphasize his language, he approached her with a little show-and-tell. Yes, Matt pulled his equipment out and asked her what that was.

Her reply was, "That's a tee-hee."

Matt smiled, and thought about how innocent and easily embarrassed those Southern belles were. He told her, "Back in Michigan, girls there call it a prick."

Her response was, "That's a tee-hee. That's too small to be a prick!"