Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?

There's an old whiny folk song entitled "Where Have All the Flowers Gone." 'Long time passing' was its refrain. Well, despite global warming, industrial pollution, and party politics, somehow the flowers keep on coming back. And not just to graveyards. I see portulaca on roadside.

[Just a lick: When I go to my eternal punishment, they can put me on the street in a Glad Bag, for all I care. And give the Huntsville Department of Sanitation a BIG SURPRISE!]

But I wonder: why has there been a number of once-prolific bloggers who have gone their way?  Some had very good and creative blogs. Can we have any disclosure?  I suspect that one, a gentle Southern girl, might have gotten tired of the squawks and bad karma from critics and is enjoying her baby and her role as a stay-at-home mom. Another is pulling a second job to pay off her student loan; so a bit less humor from the Yellowhammer State. And a third finds being a manager makes him too tired and jaded to come up with new stuff. Okay, what about the light of Florence Bloggers? Has Lauderdale County moved into illiteracy, or has Northwest Alabama suddenly become moral?

So, what are some still-blogging bloggers?

Well, at least Sholanda is still speaking.

God damn! Do you suppose the C. of C. finally won? 


  1. It does seem that many bloggers have moved past their season of blogging and are on to other things.

  2. I know I have times when I think do I want to keep doing this. I try to put something out everyday because if I went to a few times a week I'm afraid I would forget about it altogether. We need to harass Evil Pop Tart and let her know blogging is more important than her kid. Do you think she will believe us?

    I have a sidebar like you with when the last time someone posted was. I look at the ones on the bottom and think, should I remove them? Or might they come back? Every once in a while someone that hasn't posted in years will throw a post out there then disappear again.