Thursday, July 25, 2019

PG on Weekends; R on Weekdays

If you go away from Gulf Shores or Pensacola on the Gulf Coast, the allowable swimsuits do a shift that is surprising to some. Specifically, on weekends swimsuits for women must have both upstairs and downstairs covered; however, on weekdays toplessness is pretty much okay when the swimmer goes away from the towns and settlements. It's kind of an accepted tendency; and no one gets upset about  it.

The rule is, if you don't want see partial nudity, then don't go there during mid-week.

Jennifer tried it, on a lark. I must admit that it took a lot to get used to her going like that.

Obviously, no pictures!


  1. But pictures of non Jennifers? Take a picture and RUN!

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  3. What happened to all the lovely lady Fridays?