Thursday, April 14, 2016

Possibly Guns on Campus

A bill before the House that would allow for the carrying of concealed weapons on college campuses is being considered; and should come to a vote then.  The colleges and universities are very much opposed to this; but there are a few legislators that are trying to gain cheap publicity. This is a stupid idea; and I hope that good sense would prevail in our legislators.

God knows, they're not known lately for their good government or mature legislation,

Details from "The Effects of Good Government on the Countryside"


  1. That's really stupid legislation. It could lead to tragedy.

  2. If it passes the colleges should respond with; every gun has to be registered at the office every day you bring it; every gun carrier has to have a white pole with a red flag attached to them; failure to follow rules will mean loss of all class credit, you get to start over.

  3. Just what I would have needed when I was teaching, some joker in class packing heat. What a dumbass idea!