Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Unlawful Bootlegging of Plastic Straws

Santa Barbara, CA recently made the news by banning plastic straws in restaurants. As a matter of fact, if you're a repeated offender, you can do jail time.

I can see some nincompoops living on the edge by bootlegging plastic straws into Santa Barbara. But they have some odd ideas about the punishment fitting the crime! Surely dispensing plastic straws is maybe worth a $25 fine or so!

Or is the cost of living there so much more than in Huntsville? Anyway, suddenly drinking of malts or milkshakes has become more problematic.

This is not likely to affect beer drinkers, though. Except for the naive people who say that you can get looped by drinking beer through a straw!


  1. Here, they're slowly becoming illegal. Each and every plastic straw that gets thrown away, ends up un a sea turtles nostril!

  2. Ima make a killing in degradable paper straws!!

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