Monday, August 13, 2018

Washingtonian Language

Without further ado, I quote directly from The Hill:
Speaking to reporters on board a flight to Brasilia, Mattis insisted he initially opposed the creation of a separate military branch for space because the administration had not yet defined the challenges space posed for the Pentagon.
"I was not going against setting up a Space Force; what I was against was rushing to do that before we define those problems," Mattis said. "We've had a year, over a year in defining. And the orbitization of this solution in terms of institutionalizing forward momentum is very important."
W.T.F. is orbitization? Has administrative pidgin become the lingua franca in Washington?


  1. Administrative pidgin has been present in many fields, including university administration.

  2. This was the best could come up with.
    - suffix forming nouns of action, process, or state; see -ize + -ation.

  3. It sounds like a neologism to me.