Thursday, July 19, 2018

Politically, Things Suck

Let's face it: We've come to a pretty pass when it comes to politics and National leadership.

Right now, we have Donald Trump, strutting and fretting his hour upon the stage. And can't wait for him to be heard no more. He doesn't have even a nodding acquaintance when it comes to truth. He has limited communication skills; and doesn't give a consistent message.

He should stop twittering. It just allows him to impulsively say what goes into his head at the moment. And when the says it or writes it, it's part of the record. No replays. I guess that not saying part of what you think is part of the job.

Barack Obama and George W. Bush had their limitations. But at least they kept control of their thoughts and not say whatever out loud all the time.

But who would replace him?  First, look at the Republican Party bench. There's Mike Pence. Oh please! He's a rigid dumbass! And there's Ted Cruz. Oh no! Marco Rubio or Jeff Flake? Maybe. But the shining light of the Republican Party is dying after serving his country well.

As for the Democrats? They're part of the problem. Let's face it: in 2016 they nominated the one person (other than Nancy Pelosi!) who was the most strongly aversive to too many people. At least they have Joe Biden, such as he is. Lord help us from Elizabeth Warren! Or Bill de Blasio.

But Donald Trump is in James Buchanan or Warren Harding grade category. What did we do to deserve this tool?


  1. " communication skills.." You give him way to much credit.

    Your right. Pence is scarier than tRump. And I keep waiting for a savior to emerge from the Democrats.