Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Fresh Air View on Religion

It's one of the hassles of American life: so many people are not willing to leave the fuck alone when it comes to religion, politics, diet, or even sports teams.

Several years ago, Kathy, a friend of mine, posted this opinion regarding religion. I think she said it well; and I wish people would follow suit on politics and other matters as well.

I'm an Auburn fan; not an Alabama one. And, dammit, don't put kale on my pizza or in a smoothie even despite its alleged health-giving prospects. And I'm okay with gluten.

And I guess I'm a RINO Republican. I don't play with that Roy Moore shit.

Is it un-American to leave people alone? Do you get salvation points for converting others?

Think about it. Diversity can be healthy.

And we need both political parties; and others that come along. Because whatever party gets in power too long tends to make collective asses out of themselves.

Yes, religious types: I'm a firm believer in The Fall: The natural tendency of human beings to fuck it up if they have too much rope.


  1. I remember that one. Thanks for bringing it up.

    Kathy hasn't posted for a while. I guess she's enjoying the east life of Florida.