Thursday, January 25, 2018

Most Obnoxious NFL Fans

College football fans are small time when it come to the potential for being obnoxious. When it comes to that dimension, you can't beat the pros at it.  Here's a comprehensive list fans' rated obnoxiousness by teams.  Still, the Philadelphia Eagles fans are also known for this dubious honor. You can read an account of them by a Vikings fan that is Minnesota nice.

The Patriots
The Raiders
The Seahawks
The Eagles

seem to have shitty fans. The Cowboys fans are in the running too.

So this year's Super Bowl is a meeting of shitty fans.


  1. I'm glad that Titans fans did not score high on this list.

  2. Boston fans are a bunch of jerks.

  3. St. Louis isn't on the list anymore. Not sure if I care or not.

  4. Green Bay Packers fans can be unpleasant too.