Monday, January 8, 2018

Postmortem on the 2016 Presidential Election

It's been over a year sine the 2016 election; and a lot of polluted water has passed under the bridge since. Frankly, I was surprised at Donald Trump winning it; but I should not have been.

Retrospectively, it almost seems that both major political parties were striving mightily to lose that election! Let's face it: the Republicans had too many candidates! And some of them were highly dubious; like Ted Cruz. Others were boring, like Jeb Bush. Still others did not fit onto the national stage well, like Bobby Jindal. The Republicans, in a strong effort to lose, managed to come up with a candidate with no elected experience at all! And one who claimed to grope women, at that! This candidate

Surely, the Democrats should have walked away with it . . . .

Well, they nominated Hillary Clinton, not the most inspiring candidate; but one with a few negatives, like Benghazi and her association with her husband Bill. And there was the issue of the superdelegates. This led to an in-party revolt by the Bernie Sanders fans.

The fact that so many got behind Bernie should have told them something or other.

But the Democrats were just as much a slave to their party's history and liabilities as the Republicans were. They're in a bind: they want to go as liberal as can be; but in doing so they may put off some people.

But maybe using Tim Kaine as a base candidate, and advocating a middle-of-the-road approach, they may get it all. 

Sorry. Nancy Pelosi should go. She's a liability. As a matter of fact, no one from California or the rest of the left coast. Someone from the South . . . . maybe Doug Jones even as V.P.  Or Elizabeth Warren. The big deal is o pick up a few extra electoral votes while keeping the sure bet states in the fold.

And downplay any connections with Wall Street.

As for the Republicans? Well, they got a lot of possibilities. But none of them very good or interesting. Ted Cruz and Mario Rubio need to sit the next one out. And Bobby Jindal is a joke. 

Here's a name that could go somewhere: Nikki Haley. She would definitely give the Republicans a new look. 

But keep the Wall Street support under wraps. For both parties, that's toxic and will continue to be.


  1. You forgot to mention the rumors about Oprah running for prez. How about a Bernie and Oprah ticket?

  2. Bernie is too old. Oprah has no experience.

  3. How about Gretchen Carlson for the Republicans and Oprah for the Democrats? They are both smart AND likeable and either one would be a vast improvement over the usual has beens and upstarts.

  4. Oprah seems like an interesting possibility.