Tuesday, February 27, 2018

States With Official Rock Songs

When state legislatures have slow moments, they enact some "feel good" legislation, such as official state waltzes or official state neckties.

But only three states have state rock songs. Here are the three:

(1) Ohio: "Hang on Sloopy" -- The McCoys:

Sloopy is wearing 'em loose.

(2) Oklahoma: "Do You Realize" -- The Flaming Lips:

(3) Washington: "Louie, Louie" -- The Kingsmen:

Which one rings your bell best?


  1. Never heard of #2. Louie, Louie then Hang on Sloopy.

  2. Louie, Louie best. Hang on Sloopy is okay.

    I figured out what you mean by Sloopy wearing them loose. (Going braless.) I do it sometimes too.

  3. Flaming Lips, for sure.
    Of all states to select this one.
    Doesn't fit at all.