Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This Is What We Pay For!

Being a member of Congress has some perks:
  • $174,000 salary
  • Free company car
  • Free gas
  • Free parking (even at airports)
  • Free flights almost anywhere in the world
  • Per diem travel allowance... up to $3,000 a trip
  • A month’s paid vacation
  • 3-day work-weeks
  • Free membership to a top-flight gym
  • Pension plan and 401K plan
  • Full retirement benefits (including up to 44% of their six figure salaries) at age 62
  • Free top of the line health insurance with 10 plans to choose from
  • Fully covered – even with pre-existing conditions

  • And yet they don't manage to do the fundamental job: working out a budget.  This Sequestration is just a symptom.

    Now you can go into your partisanship screeds.  But it seems to me that we should be getting more for our money than we do.

    All of them, including President Obama on down, all the Senators and Congresspersons need a big cut in pay!

    If they were baseball players, their performances would earn them a trip to the minors.

    But just so none of them wind up with the Huntsville Stars!


    1. The money they get from the ultra rich should be more of a worry.

    2. And you know what else is awesome? Whenever they do things like the Sequester that cuts 10% across the board, they exempt congressional and executive branch budgets. Plus, their pay is constitutionally guaranteed so basically they get paid first then all over govt expenses are paid. Sweet deal, huh?


    3. They have a sweet deal: beats retirement income or the salaries that most of us have to live within our means.

      To hell with them all!

    4. They all need to be put out to pasture.

    5. And yet, very few of them are first term legislators! Why do voters continue to re-elect these buffoons?