Monday, March 25, 2013

Is Body Paint Equivalent to Clothing?

After reading an item on about attempts in Orange Beach to restrict the sales of t-shirts containing 'offensive' messages, Jennifer and I had a philosophical discussion about what would constitute appropriate attire on the Redneck Riviera.  Actually, it's relatively unclear as to what forms of swimwear might pass muster.  Topless is out.  But are thongs or string bikinis okay? 

She had some unease; but it seemed that the bikini that she wore prompted no legal response from Baldwin County or Gulf Shores police.   Like most Southern males, they  were not going to look the gift horse of a scantily-clad lady in the mouth!

Jennifer raised an interesting question: would body paint over the regions in question serve as the moral and legal equivalent to clothing?  At present, only one community, one in Washington state, specified that it doesn't.  This was in response to the scourge of bikini baristas that broke out there who apparently used paint in lieu of a top!

If applied well, it is impossible to tell tight-fitting clothing from paint from a distance.  Indeed, in some places, there seems to be a let it slide attitude towards women wearing body paint to simulate clothing.

Ain't America great?   For further proof, here's Kate Upton in body paint: 

Now all that is needed is for the City Fathers or Mothers of Orange Beach to chill a little and let things go as they have been since time memorial on the Redneck Riviera!


  1. Her "swimsuit" looks real. I don't see how people could object.

  2. I think the Foley police could. Gulf Shores wouldnt care/

  3. Here's a link for the Key West Fantasy Festival in 2001. Each year has a link to the next year up to 2007. They are all about body paint.

  4. Kate Upton's bikini was expertly done. A lot of body painting is less so.

  5. More paint -