Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Southern Living on "Cities With Style"

The recent issue of Southern Living featured an article on southern cities with style.  There were the four predictables: New Orleans, Atlanta, Charleston, and Nashville.  And two omissions: Miami and Memphis.

At least they didn't mention Montgomery, which has about as much style as Tallahassee or Jackson.

But they mentioned others.  Florence was one.

Yes, Flo-town.  What trip are they on?  And the mentioned Alabama Shakes in the context of Florence.

Alabama Shakes hails from Athens, which is in Limestone County, not Lauderdale.


  1. Had never heard of the Alabama Shakes before. Their song 'Hold On' has a good instrumental sound to it.

    Nice butt.

  2. Alabama Shakes is one of the hottest quality groups in a long time. Their vocalist really is great!

  3. Flo-town and style: if you consider that seedy Court Street to be stylish.

  4. Anniston didnt make it. Darn!