Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Amanda Knox

Yesterday the Italian Supreme Court reversed Amanda Knox's acquital; in effect, giving her a double jeopardy situation. 

Whatever were the facts in Perugia six years ago, I am convinced that in no way will she get a fair trial in Italy.  The first attempt at trying her was a kangaroo court; and there is absolutely no reason that the dysfunctional Italian justice system will give her a fair hearing.

Does anything work very well there?

So, this is what I think should take place:

Italian courts: "We'd like to extradite Amanda Knox back into the tender mercies of our obviously fair and impartial judicial system."

The U.S.:  "Fuck you!"


  1. I doubt that she would get a fair trial too. They managed to turn it into a circus and convict her, despite the faulty DNA evidence. I hope she will beat it.

  2. She's suffered enough. I know that the UK seems to be arrayed against her.

  3. I can't see a fair trial happening either.

  4. Lots of information on her and the trial in Wikipedia. Nothing indicates she should even think about going back there.