Monday, January 7, 2019

The New York Times Article

The shit is hitting the fan in Alabama this week; or will do so when what was reported in The New York Times gets widely reported after the Alabama - Clemson National Championship game.

In a nutshell, apparently some supporters of the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones, used Russian-style misinformation tactics to influence the Senate election in 2017.

I know Doug Jones is calling for an investigation, and all the usual pieties, after the facts have come out. At the very least, it seems that there are no parties wearing white hats in this soap opera. This is likely to impact negatively on the Democratic Party.

I voted for Jones. However, right now, I'm sorry I did. The comment by that little so-and-so near Florence convinced me of it.

And I wonder about the veracity of what was reported about Roy Moore; although, God knows - he is a toad.

Bad kitty.

I want to throw up.

Total shit fire.


  1. Sometimes the lesser of two evils isn't lesser at all. But Roy Moore? Hell no.

  2. And they probably laughed all the way for putting it over on the dumb rednecks. Goddam elitists!

  3. This is an example of the old 'does the ends justify the means' question in moral philosophy. False information does negatively impact free choice. As such, by falsifying reality the people who do so are denying others freedom. That is wrong.