Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Super Bowl LIII - The "Let's Pretend" Bowl

Okay - this Super Bowl is one to howl about. The Patriots and the Rams; Boston and L.A. And douchebag officiating.  The N.F.L. adds to its list of late fuck ups.

In my opinion, the Kansas City Chiefs and the New Orleans Saints should be in this one. But lousy officiating held sway. And I was promised pizza and a roll in the hay in lieu of The Diminished Big Game! Oh, and a little quality time at Regency Square Mall.

So I figure we'll be joined by a lot of other people. Let's face it: if local sentiment is a subset of national sentiment, there's going to be a lot of people that will join us in our passing on LIII!

And OMFG! Will some surprise basketball game draw the audiences? Or will the desperate suddenly get religion and a need for some hymns?

At least our running dog legislature is quiescent. Unlike that train wreck that we call national politics. 

The Great Government Shutdown is very much like an elephant toiling in labor and giving birth to a nit!

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  1. Everyone is talking about what else they are going to do while the super bowl is on.