Saturday, September 12, 2015

Going Puritan as a Convenience Strategy

The big news in Alabama now is the story about Gov. and Mrs. Robert Bennett's divorce proceedings after 50 years of marriage. There's questions about gubernatorial unfaithfulness with a younger staff member. And they make the convenient assumption that where's there's smoke, there's fire!  The fact is, there is no smoking gun. Or other object!

While it's sad whenever couples so long coupled separate, some of the legislators and the baying hounds at are demanding his resignation. Goddam, didn't they get rid of a Governor several years ago? And how well did that work out?

Puritan morality is a something thing. This was the case last century when some people, mainly Republicans, tried to get rid of Bill Clinton because of a few blow jobs from an overweight internist! Seriously, was that really grounds for impeachment?  Especially since the House and the Senate has reputations for randyness!

And now some Republicans are trying to get rid of a Republican Governor. Why? Because Gov. Bennett had the temerity to propose some tax increases!

He was only being realistic! The fact is, the State is not getting enough money in to keep up with its obligations!

And if everything was sweetness and light between the Governor and the Legislature, they would be high-fiving him for what they think he did, and wish they could do it themselves!


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