Sunday, August 30, 2015

Proximity in Fandom

What are the areas that support which teams? Here's the boundaries of fandom in the 50 states on this  map. If clicking on it doesn't work, then go to the Facebook link.

The Yankees have a fan base in Virginia, North Carolina, and Louisiana.

The Giants are big in Northern California.

The Cardinals' territory extends into Arkansas and west Tennessee.

The Tigers' fans are about exclusively in Michigan, and the Brewers' fans are all in Wisconsin.

New England is solidly behind the Red Sox.

The Mariners' area is Washington, part of Oregon and Alaska, and the northern part of Idaho. 

The South is solidly behind the Braves.


  1. The Cubs area is funny for me to look at. My wife's relatives live in the area under the G in Chicago. Right where the dip into Cardinal territory happens. They are all Cubs fans.

  2. Lots of Cardinal love in Tennessee.

  3. Padres fans fill a small area in bottommost California. That's all.