Monday, May 14, 2012

To Amarantha, That She Would Display Her Bosom

To Amarantha, That She Would Display Her Bosom

Amarantha sweet and best,
Ah hide no more those wondrous breasts!
As my curious hands and eyes
Wish, being below thee, to espy.

Let them out as unconfined
As thy delightful uninhibited mind,

Who with no intent of being crude
May wanton careless in the nude.

Every strap must be undone
But all only in the spirit of clean fun;

Let only wholesome thoughts prevail,
As you should release them, everyone.

Do not tease on the balcony
In thin halter of gauze uncanny;
Like the sun in its early ray,
But shake thy chest and scatter day.

See it opens! And reveals the truth
Not merely two, but all forsooth,

Leaving a true beatific sight,
Offered on that New Orleans night.

Here you'll undress and stoke our fire
Whipped cream below, massage oil higher:

And when all wishes are drawn dry,
I'll leak a tear out of my eye,

These subtle pleasures shall leave
Those mundane cares we can deceive;
Or our very fervent desires,
That joys so ripe, so little fire.

Inspired both by Richard Lovelace and a frisky girl on a balcony in New Orleans.


  1. Really good verse -- better than simply letting down her hair.

  2. A cute poem. It might encourage me to take off my top.

  3. I didn't know you could write poetry, Elvis?

  4. It actually is rendolent of "Amarantha That She Would Loose Her Hair"

  5. If the girl in the picture 'released' them she might snap her neck.

  6. That top was made for AA cups.

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  8. I like the part about whipped cream.