Sunday, May 13, 2012

Political Nonstarters: Bully Politicians, Little Swiss Misses, and Barack's Birthplace

Good goddam gravy!  The news media and the online crazies (all crazies, in truth) contribute to the sea of crap that we have to wade through by bringing up these nitpicking details.  What is accomplished?  Well, air time is filled, a newspaper or magazine has words, words, words, excitable people are jacked up when their time would be better spent jacking off.

Some cases in point.  Mitt Romney's alleged bullying.  Maybe he did, maybe he didn't.  Jesus Haploid Christ, people!  When this supposedly occurred, he was a teen!  All of us did dumb, hurtful things that the mature person would not and retrospectively regrets.  Let it pass, people.

And Michelle Bachmann.  Apparently she got dual citizenship as the result of marrying a Swiss guy.  Like good Baptist girls and sex, she never used it.  And she renunciated it.  So she was part Swiss?  Well, is it really so bad if she likes Swiss cheese instead of cheddar?     And I'm taking graduate courses at UAH.  Does that negate my membership in Auburn Nation?

Where our President apparently got born is something that the birthers (is this capitalized or not?) got worked up about.  Like who should give a royal damn?  Frankly, I don't give a damn if he was born in a manger!  The fact that he got the majority of votes on Election Day should trump anything else.

I'll tell you who cares in each case: it's people who are trying to further an agenda.  There's the rub.  It's news if it furthers the cause.  That being the case, truth is relative.  If you believe that, then the Sophists have won.

Now let me be nonrelative and unequivocal.   Marisa Calihan is absolutely a ten, totally beautiful:


  1. I think I could survive with her.

  2. The Sophists won 24 centuries ago. Socrates had to commit suicide.

  3. She was the most attractive of all the Survivor participants.