Saturday, May 19, 2012

Now We Have a War on Testicles

Oh brother!  Now we have a soverign Southern state that's declared it to be unseemly, obscene, and unlawful to display those fake cojones on the back of your vehicle.  Yes, South Carolina does it again!  You can read all about it here: 

Apparently the trappings of bad taste are now illegal. 

Now that our legislature (Alabama's) seems to be showing more restraint than its neighbor, Tennessee, and avoiding passing silly laws, will this bit of idiocy interest some Mongtomery-visiting clown who wants to make a name for himself in state politics?

I hope that it won't.  After all, who wants to be known as the anti-ball candidate for [Fill in public office]?

But are these truck balls offensive?  I think that people can get offended over anything.  Anyway, my girlfriend and I were driving in for work on I-565 and we saw a dump truck with a set.

Jessica laughed, and thought they were hilarious.  Now, she's  not some tattooed redneck with a rap sheet: she's another Auburn engineer and is a young Southern lady.

It's nice when girls like balls.

The maker of this motivational poster apparently had issues,
 that neiher Jessica nor I share.


  1. I would think these would be popular amoung girls that have been jilted. They would have a pair hanging from their rearview mirror with the words 'ex-boyfriend' on them.

  2. There are no concerns about this truck accessory around here yet.