Saturday, April 7, 2012

We Need a Moratorium on String Bikinis

It saddens me to say this, but as much as I like them, they can be darned distracting to weak-minded legislators.

Several years ago, Miss California Carrie Prejean (remember her?), bless her heart, was asked to extemporize a response to a question regarding gay marriages, and she opined that "marriage should be between opposites," that is, a man and a woman.  Now no right-minded person should object to a pretty lady's views, but it raised a firestorm of invective. As if we were not with a full plate already: dealing back then with a recession, pirates, and even now the swine flu!

Our amazing Alabama legislature got into the act. despite the fact that they have not as yet passed the General Fund or Education budgets, an ethics bill, or dealt with the shortfall of revenues or even the questionable Sweet Home Alabama legislation (as some farmer john singers in the t.v. ad supporting it call it) regarding casino gambling, took time out to pass a resolution praising her for her stand!

Amazing priorities, folks! We paid those guys for that?

My view is either that they are attention whores who wish to ride the coattails of her notoriety, or they got distracted b a hot chick in a string bikini.

I'm afraid it was the latter. A well-placed one does that for me, too.

Now I'm just a lowly engineer; and others check my designs and calculations. But those birds are neglecting the common welfare when they get off course.

Therefore, I ask that, for the good of proper government and social welfare that all women refrain from wearing string bikinis while the Alabama Legislature in in session. We can have Governor Bentley proclaim that doubly happy day the official Green Light to String Bikinis Day!

And we can be doubly pleased that the Legislature is off session!

Carrie Prejean


  1. Legislators work better without distractions. This may be why the state capitals are often located in poky little cities.