Sunday, April 29, 2012

No Bull - A SEC Football Story

In 1992, Mississippi State opened their season against Texas.  They were a two-touchdown underdogs.  Coach Jackie Sherrill asked his players what a steer was and none of them knew.  To motivate his players, he asked them, "People say (the Texas mascot) is a longhorn steer. Is that a bull, or is he a steer?"

As part of the motivation process, he had his team view the castration of "Wild Willie," erstwise a bull before the most unkindest cut was made.  The motivational part worked in spades: -- Mississippi State, a two-point underdog, won 28-10.

After being widely criticized, Sherrill offered a quarter-hearted apology.
"Even though I was not involved in the procedure that took place, I take responsibility," he said. "If this incident was in any way not perceived as proper by those who love Mississippi State, then I apologize."

But who did he apologize to?  Mississippi State fans and students?  Animal lovers?  [This was before PeTA.]   In te highly competitive SEC, good results are hard to overlook.  As a Bulldog fan commented, "Where can we get a Crimson Tide or a Volunteer?"

If anyone needed to be apologized to, it was Wild Willie.


  1. Football players at a Cow College not knowing what a steer is? That figures.

    Great one, Elvis.

  2. You need to post a picture of the clippers they use.

  3. That was harsh. Scaring the footballers that way. Doesn't work on hockey players.