Friday, April 20, 2012

This Can Go Either Way

The Alabama legislature, in its infinite wisdom, is considering a bill that would allow for covenant marriages in Alabama.  One of the Republican Senators, Phil Williams, proposed this in response to Alabama's high divorce rate -- the fourth highest in the U.S.!  This would complicate things if couples going in for this type of marriage were to consider divorce in the future.  

One other state, Louisiana, has this type of provision.  However, most Louisiana marriages are of the ordinary (noncovenant) type; there were fewer than 300 of them for over 11,000 marriages in 2010.  There, marriages are likely to be performed as a religious ritual; and the state's covenant marriage option may be simply beside the point.

The legislature should have better ways of spending their time and more important matters than this.  This is political grandstanding to suck up to the mossbacks.

Is she taking her top off or tieing it up?  One can hope.  I hope the legislature reconsiders this worthless legislation.


  1. Very nice. No opinion about those marriages, though.

  2. A lot of churches require counciling and have for years.


  3. The Catholic Church has premarital counseling from the Church perspective; however, people are pretty pragmatic when it comes to divorce nowadays.

  4. I'd rather it come off. Never mind about the marriages.