Saturday, March 31, 2012

Improperly Supported Cantilever

A bra has similar forces in it as in the design of a bridge.   Just as a bridge is affected vertically by gravity and horizontally by earth movement and wind, forces affecting a bra's design include gravity and sometimes tangential forces created when a woman runs or turns her body.  These constitute a design challenge.  The movements, while ethetically delightful, nonetheless constitute a design challenge.  In physical terms, a good bra design's challenge is to enclose and support a pair of semi-solid masses of variable volume and shape.  Together they constitute boobs.  The ultimate basis of bra design is that of a basic cantilevered support.

Bras are like suspension bridges.  Their engineering should be that the weights of the breasts (about four pounds each in the case of D-cups) requires a design so that the weight is distributed to both the back/chest region and the shoulders.

hHe young lady below has improper positioning of the shoulder staps, causing more weight to be borne by the back and increasing the risk of a bra malfunction.  The shoulder strap tie should be behind the neck.  On the other hand, we might get lucky....


  1. There was a lot of talking going on at first in this post and I'm thinking 'HEY where's the picture?!'

  2. What about strapless bras or dresses?

  3. Mike, trust me on this -- the statics are important lest boob sag occur over time.

    pop tart -- strapless bras or dresses work because they transfer the load bearing to the hotizontal support. This necessitates that they fit tighter,

  4. What would we do without physics?