Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Ben Gals

Bengals cheerleader, 43, says squad members torn by implants

The Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader squad is known as the Ben Gals.

Not all of the Ben-Gals get along. "The most prominent division on the Ben-Gals is not between the young girls and the older girls but between the Real Boobs and the Fake Boobs," Vikmanis writes in her new book. "This is despite the fact that at any given time, a third of the Real Boobs are considering implants."

"Can't we just get along?"

                                   --Rodney King


  1. It's very interesting that members of the group make such an issue over these . . . .

  2. I'll sign up to be the official boob checker.

  3. In may opinion, this should be a matter of choice. What's so wrong with cosmetically enlarged breasts? For some, it might be a self-esteem enhancer!