Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is Getting a Brazil Waxing a Sin?

A friend of mine (Bakku-Shan) wrote this; and gave me permission to reprint it.  Check out her website:


One topic that was never covered in my education regarding right from wrong was whether getting a Brazil wax was a sin.  After all, there you are, your bottom exposed to another person who smears hot wax on it, allows it to dry on some tape, and pulls it off suddenly! 

Ouch!  It hurts too much to be fun.  But this is the cost of wearing a bikini and not showing tell-tail hairs.   So, I got one.    

Shortly afterwards, I got religious fervor, and started going to church more regularly, even though my bottom was still bare.  (Hopefully, that is not sacreligious.)  Since it was a while since my last confession, I decided to do an in-church confession, seeing the priest in the confessional.

So I went:

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.  It was a year since my last confession.  My sins are gossiping, cursing often, and oh yes, I got a Brazil waxing."

A long masculine sigh . . . .

"I don't think that's a sin, my child.  The Church does not proscribe any form of floor wax, to my knowledge."

Sometimes it pays to get an old priest.

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  1. I can imagine what effect that would have on a priest that was aware of what that kind of waxing is like. Or do celibates think of that?