Friday, October 21, 2011

Four Clergymen Give Confession

Four clergymen met regularly for a weekly breakfast.  After a long while they thought they knew each other well enough to confess to each other their most worrisome transgressions.

The first pastor told the other three he had a problem with alcohol.  His problem was so bad that his congregation began to whisper about it - which caused is wife to be embarrassed and ashamed.

The second pastor told the others that he had a gambling problem.  He was so far in debt that his children may not be able to attend college.  And that made his whole family very angry.

The third pastor sheepishly admitted an addiction to pornography.  He told the others that he surfed the net looking for photos of acts that he and his wife may perform together.  When he showed a particular picture to his wife she was immediately offended and became quite upset.

The fourth and final pastor hemmed and hawed, making excuses and asked to be exempted from the confession table.  The other three were indignant.  “We confessed to you, now you have to confess to us!” they all demanded, in unison.  After unusually strong words and strident remarks, the fourth pastor agreed to confess.  “My greatest fault,” he said, “is gossip!”

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