Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Shoals Freeze

It's pretty well less obvious now; but at one time the Shoals Area was characterized by a certain defensiveness and distrust of outsiders and new residents of Florence and Colbert County.

Some of this was, retrospectively county-based. There was the old saw about the true Colbert County resident who would never vote Republican, vote wet, or spend a dime in Lauderdale County. And, obviously, shopping was usually limited to one side of the Tennessee River or the other.

Three things affected that: (1) the development of Regency Square Mall gave the more snotty Court Street and English Village stores get some competition; (2) The Fundamentalist churches lost their political clout, as illustrated when Colbert County and Florence went wet years ago; and (3) Renegade consumers found going to Huntsville more attractive.

So, although I went to BHS and lived in Florence for years, I'm not as keen on shopping locally.

There's one first-class place to eat: Rickatoni's. Otherwise, there's fast food or chain restaurants. 

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