Monday, December 4, 2017

My Opinion on the Playoffs, Which Is Not Worth Much

This year, in college football, there is no clearly defined team overwhelmingly superior to others. Finding an undefeated team in 2017 is, in set terminology, almost the empty set. (Like the number of virgins in my old high school.)

No, wait, there's the University of Central Florida, for what it's worth.

Okay, despite having been given that fact, there's still the need to select four teams for the playoff. 

Clemson, Oklahoma, and Georgia have strong cases. And, over all, Alabama played well except for the last game.

On the other hand, Iowa State beat Ohio State like a cheap drum, 55-24.

So, given that there are no playoff virgins around, except UCF, it gives Alabama a strong case. After all, they are in the SEC.

What's going to shake out from this is now anyone's guess.

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