Thursday, January 14, 2016

Beyond Tacky into Piss-Poor

Nobody out of St. Louis (maybe) has said it, but I think that the movements of the Rams and the Chargers to Inglewood, California is beyond tacky' and approaching piss-poor with warp speed!

Is community loyalty outmoded? Or did the Giants, Dodgers, and Braves put pay to that? Not to mention the Oilers and the Colts? Enos Stanley Kroenke, owner of the Rams, kissed St. Louis off by describing it as :an economic abyss ill suited to hosting an N.F.L. team. Apparently 30 of 32 owners agreed with him. 

Fark 'em all!


  1. I agree. The Rams owner was unnecessarily unkind. Rot in Inglewood!

  2. The Rams are going back to the place where they couldn't make it to begin with. Kroenke is a pompous ass. He would walk around the stadium during the games with his 8 security guard escort surrounding him and never talk to nor acknowledge anyone.