Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stehpinklers and Sitzpinklers

German is a very versatile language for expressing compound ideas.   Apparently, they must be deep thinkers.  This article gives an example:

Apparently, the language of Goethe has specific words for people who pee standing up and those who pee while seated:

Stehpinkler - standing urinator
Sitzpinkler - sitting urinator

The article further declares that urinating while seated is more socially responsible behavior.  Furthermore, you can get a device that 
admonishes standing pee-ers to sit down and sounds like Gerhard Schroder or Helmut Kohl.  What, no Angela Merkel model?

[Voice]  "Sitzen, dumkoff!"

It's still okay to be a stehpinkler in Huntsville.


  1. The Head of the anti-vaxx movement, having a movement on her head.

  2. Is their a movement toward being sitzpinklers in Huntsville?

  3. And the word for a drunk sprawled in the street peeing in his pants?

  4. L.B.J. used to do interviews and hear reports while he was on the throne.