Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Brother, Can You Spare the State a Dime?

Well, 2015 is almost here, and the state has a $265 million in the General Fund.  Medicaid, prisons, and other necessities can be affected by this.  It's really put up or shut up time for our lawmakers. There's two possibilities that could be put in play:

1)  Raise taxes  But a vote to increase taxes is like a kiss of death for both Republicans and Democrats. This isn't going to happen.

2)  Institute a state lottery. But the more conservative elements will have a conniption fit.  Also, it's in effect a tax on stupidity. Still, I know of a few who regularly travel over the state line to purchase Tennessee lottery tickets.

Maybe we need some creative other solutions:

1) Hold a super-duper bake sale. But, let's face it, Alabama baking is nothing to write home about.

2) Trim back on expenses. Cut back on fat cat state employees.

3) Tax sex. Think of the braggart factor.

4) Try to get an NFL franchise.

5) Impose a tax on football tickets.

6) Establish a bikini tax.

7) Elect Nick Saban as Governor next go-round.

Can you think of any others? Alabama is seriously in deep trouble.  But if we get a bad hurricane in 2015, we're in deep shit.


  1. "Try to get an NFL franchise."

    This will cost the state money. A lot of money after the tax breaks and building the NFL franchise a new billion dollar state of the art stadium at taxpayers expense.

    The Rams have a stadium that was built new 20 years ago at taxpayers expense. Now it's 'out of date'. Isn't even close to being paid off. And the Rams now want St. Louis to tear it down and build a new one or their going back to LA. I say adios MFs.

  2. NFL teams can be a money pit for cities.