Monday, June 2, 2014

Jeff Davis's Birthday

There's an  article in the Wall Street Journal about how Alabamians are divided over Jefferson Davis's birthday being an official state holiday.  It's celebrated on the first Monday of June, but ole Jeff was born on June 3rd.

Actually, most Alabamians don't notice the day, unless they plan to do some state-related business and experience the rude surprise that it's a holiday.

More often, the rude surprise comes in the form of the ABC Store being closed.  Now that hits people where they live!  Imagine yourself, after a tough day at work, looking forward to a Mojito or two.  Or maybe a nice shot of Jack Daniels.  And you find the goddamn state store to be closed!  And this holiday generally is not preceded by any warning that the state agencies will be closed.


In my opinion, the major impetus for the state continuing to mark Jeff Davis's birthday is that it is seen by state employees as an entitlement; a paid holiday.  There would be a lot of bitching and screaming if anyone proposed doing away with it.

Unless they could come up with a substitute.  My pick would be Jim Folsom's birthday.


  1. Those state holidays were typically ignored.

  2. Tell the state employees that JD's bday is now a floating holiday. They can take JD's bday off if they want or any other day during the year. See how fast they abandon JD's bday as a day off.

  3. Another one of those state-specific holidays, probably given to state employees in lieu of a raise one year. Only because it was Confederacy-themed caused it to make the news.