Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blogger Screw-Up

I am in the habit of following several blogs; and the "Blogs I follow" function made this easier by listing several of the most recent ones posted.

No more.   Now there's only one.  And clicking on "View More" gives no more.  Thus, if I want to read other blogs, I have to click on them individually.  Bilbo's, for example.  Usually he puts his up very early; and on EDT as well.  But if someone on CDT like me reads "Blogs I follow," only the most recent one comes up.

Oh well, I'll make it a point to click on the blogs as blogs I follow on my blog page.

But Google doesn't make it easier.


  1. I've noticed that the list doesn't update regularly. I'll look at the list and someones blog may show up updated from yesterday. But they eventually show up.