Saturday, October 12, 2013

Teen Hangs Self in Response to Official Overreaction

You can read the sorry story here.  Fifteen-year-old Christian Adamek streaked during a high school football game.  They expelled him, were going to charge him with a felony, and make him register as a sex offender for the remainder of his life.

Shit.  This was making too much of a minor prank.

Yes, running with his ding-a-ling flapping in the breeze may have been worth a week's detention, but the official reaction was pure overkill.  At best, a three-day suspension.

But, no, they were going to make a point and throw the book at the poor kid.

So the poor boy hanged himself.   How sad.

I hope it haunts your dreams, you officious motherf***ers.


  1. What a tragedy! Streaking is no where in the same category as child molesting or rape.

  2. I saw that story and I totally agree. Be careful the next time you are in the woods and have to take a leak. You could wind up on a sex offender list.

  3. That is so sad! Hardly worth a felony charge and being put on the sex offender list. Christ, he was only 15!

  4. This is an offshoot of some zero tolerance policies.