Wednesday, October 2, 2013

An Immodest Proposal Regarding Legislative Inactivity

So we are now in a Governmental shutdown, otherwise known as a monumental clusterfuck.  It seems that Congress is so dysfunctional that they can't even pass a budget to keep the Ship of State afloat.

Yes, I think that Obamacare sucks.  But it was passed into law a bit back and it really would take both houses and the Presidency held by the same party to change things.  So the Tea Party is just in a spoiler role.   NASA is in the tank for a while.

And piss on the Democrats from a high vantage point for always being willing to max out our credit cards like a half-lit moron using the ATMs at the Booby Bungalow to pay for lap dances.  A little bit of fiscal responsibility, you all!

Of course, our esteemed state government (I'm talking Alabama, you heathens!) also fails to get its monetary fix due to our legislature failing to pass a budget in a timely fashion.  Thence, the state agencies go into proration, the untenured teachers get laid off, and nothing gets done.

So here's my proposal:

1.  Since Congress didn't pass the budget, then they ought at least to return their Congressional salaries to the Treasury until such time as the budget is passed.

2.  Until a budget is passed, Congress subsists on baloney sandwiches.  The symbolism is intentional.

3.   Until a budget is passed, Congress takes up a vow of celibacy.  Not even with their wives or husbands or special friends.

A pretty Thai girl.

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