Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The ancient Greeks supposedly had a punishment for adultery: if you caught someone in one's one house screwing his wife, he could stick a large radish (actually a horseradish) up his adulterous ass!  It was mentioned in Aristophanes' The Clouds.  There's some doubt whether this punishment was ever actually used outside of fiction. The rules for Rhaphanidosis are that one must catch the adulterer with your wife in your own house. Alternate punishments include simply killing the adulterer, or replacing the radish with a mulletfish.


  1. 85% of the worlds horseradish is grown just 12 miles East of St. Louis outside of Collinsville Illinois. So if you need to experiment I can get you all you need.

  2. This puts horseradish sauce on roast beef in a different light.