Thursday, July 5, 2012

Send Congress to Buck's Pocket

Here in Alabama, there's an in-state legend that losing political candidates go to Buck's Pocket State Park to lick their wounds.  Well, it's more genteel and more political correct than tarring and feathering them, and running them out of town on a rail!

Here's a little about Buck's Pocket:

Unfortunately, there's no resort cabins, so they will have to be content with tent camping.  Buck's Pocket is a by-word in Alabama for utter remoteness; it's near nowhere at all.  Maybe our non-performers might like like in the sticks, and not be heard of.

On the other hand, maybe that explains the Sand Mountain yeti.  This cryptozoological manifestation allegedly hanging out on Sand Mountain might have been an abandoned politician who went into a complete hariy state of nature.

If they could also send those sons of bitches who cut back on aerospace in Huntsville a few years ago, that would be fine with me.


  1. A great idea -- lose these losers.

  2. I hear it's so quiet at Buck's Pocket that all you can hear is the faint sound of banjos.

  3. Maybe our Congresspersons can learn how the other 99% live. I looked on the map. It's near Gunthersville.

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  5. Buck's Pocket is a nice, pretty place in our state. It's great to take a g.f. who likes to meditate and do yoga in the nude.