Sunday, July 15, 2012


Okay, I was a bit partisan and sharp a few days ago when I posted my perscriptions for what Alabama needs to do.  But my remarks were related to the fact that a few years ago, as a result of the economy tanking and NASA-related cutbacks (at about the same time as the government was bailing out GM and the banks), Huntsville very painfully felt the recession. And yours truly had to scramble for a job for a while. 

Nearby Florence is even worse; as a matter of fact, the whole North Alabama corridor has felt the recession. 

Because of this, we should play for keeps.  Now the State Government has had success in getting car manufacturing, and recently theAirbus contract, but we need more.

It sucks that our best and brightest and cutest have to go off to other states, when most of them would rather be in Sweet Home Alabama, however scorned it seems to be by so many people who have never been here.


  1. No scorn from this Tennesseean. Alabama seems to be the place to be now.

  2. So from the picture it looks like the left one is staying and the right one might go?