Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Boeing 737 Max

Several years ago John Talton of the Seattle Times  wrote a column criticizing the choice of Mobile, Alabama as the site for the first Airbus plant in the United States. Well, Airbus is a going concern; and those nice salaries are going to southern Alabama employees rather than elsewhere.

Jon managed to fling some stereotypical buffalo chips our way; (Imagine that: Alabamians actually daring to build aircraft that people fly in!) I understand his leaning towards the home team: Boeing, in his case. Well, Boeing was riding a lot on the possible success of the 737 Max. This is the same plane that had two crashes recently, and is grounded in just about every country by now.

I'm disappointed that the U.S. was behind the curve in grounding those planes. Safety of passengers and crew should always be the prime consideration. Well, the U.S. has  now grounded those planes too. American and Southwest were the major U.S. carriers using those planes.

I hope Boeing gets it all straightened out soon; but in the meantime, it's best to fly in other aircraft.

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