Monday, October 15, 2018

'Best Bum' Contest

I tend towards matter-of-factness when it comes to what takes place in school, unlike the people on the Far Left or the Far Right. And sometimes the stupidity of adolescents can be breath-taking. That's the way things are.

And nominations of classmates into categories such as 'Most Likely to Succeed' or 'Best Humor' are par for the course.

However, a British school managed to stoop to low with a 'Best Bum' category. And I don't mean hobo!

No, these kids were encouraged to vote on who had the best buttocks.

Okay, if adults want to participate in a 'Best Bum' or 'Best Fanny' contest, I'm okay with that. But for God's sake don't have the subject being the comparative attractiveness or even size of the posteriors of adolescents!

Geesh! Sometimes chronological adults should step into the situation to keep this kind of undue sexualization of children from taking place.


  1. Well except for you pointing out the obvious about kids, I was going to volunteer to the bum judge.

  2. A little adult superviion might have helped.