Sunday, May 13, 2018

Dry Counties? It's Complicated

Alabama historically had "dry" counties. Officially, Alabama has 23 "dry" counties and 44 "wet" ones. However, things are complicated. It turns out that, since 1974 a law allowing towns of at least a minimum population can vote itself "wet" if it chooses.

It turns out that at least one town in each of the "dry" counties voted itself "wet." Lauderdale, where I used to live, has two. Jackson County has four!

I guess you can say that those counties are "moist."

In fact, there were always bootleggers. Before Florence went "wet," there were tales of how newcomers were introduced to trusted bootleggers.

Any, anyway, there was always the stores on the other side of the state line. Especially the enormous walk-in beer cooler in St. Joseph, TN.


  1. It's amazing how some places hold on to the past.

  2. I think that, with the law allowing municipalities to go wet, there was considerably less incentive for a county-wide vote. And, due to town- rural differences in attitudes, voting by municipality was a surer bet.

  3. So Prohibition still lives on in some places, eh? I suppose legalizing marijuana in those counties would be out of the question. But maybe the municipalities?

  4. So the dry counties are really not dry?

  5. So is it really hard to get alcohol in dry counties?

  6. Florence was very wet. And they had a great Mexican restaurant.