Saturday, October 28, 2017

This Law Is Total Bullshit!

There's good legislation, and there's bad legislation. 

Lately the Alabama legislature has been coming out with some lulus. Here's one that takes the cake.

Alabama has a law that prohibits crossover voting. What this means is that, if you vote in a political party's primary, you are supposed to obligate yourself to vote for the nominee of that party in the general election. And, if you vote in one party's primary, you are not supposed to vote in a different party's runoff.

Okay, here's the kicker. Alabama's Republican Party had need of a runoff between Luther Strange and Roy Moore. Less than stellar candidates, to be sure. The state's Democratic Party had its candidate win in the first primary.

Are those first primary Democratic voters supposed to sit on their hands for the Republican runoff?

What about people who suddenly see the light and now think Republican; or get socked off their horse like St. Paul? 

(Actually, it can also work the other way around.  Both political parties can suck from time to time.)

And the law in question also calls for district attorneys to go after crossover voters and poll workers who let them do it.

But the law in question does not allow for people †o have second thoughts, or to revise their thinking.

Bad legislative thinking! But not surprising; this is Alabama!


  1. I read about that. Couldn't believe it.

  2. That law is bullshit! It's designed to minimize the possibility o effective change or coalition-building,