Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mo Brooks and the Succession to the Senate

Yesterday one of the Senate seat aspirants for the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, Rep. Mo Brooks (R -Huntsville) offered to withdraw if the other candidates would also. This would open the possibility of Jeff Sessions returning to the Senate.

Not likely. I can see Luther Strange sticking around, despite the odor of non-sanctity bestowed on his candidacy as a result of being appointed by former Governor Robert Bentley. (The Luv Guv.)

Anyway, where are the other possible viable candidates for the U.S. Senate nowadays?


  1. Strange and Brooks would not be assets.

  2. Sessions back in the Senate. Wouldn't that rattle trumps brain.

  3. I think a lot of senators feel disrespected by Trump.

  4. Luther Strange was Bentley's "-- You!" departure message to Alabama.